Motherwell Shopping Centre, in partnership with Town Centre Activities Ltd, will go purple this Tuesday the 13th of November. The purpose is to back and support Purple Tuesday, UK’s first accessible shopping day. Three hundred balloons and ribbons will be placed along the shop fronts and till points in Brandon Parade and on the street furniture to raise awareness on inclusive shopping and the benefits this has for disabled people and retailers.

Geraldine ElMasrour, the centre’s manager, highlights the importance of backing this initiative. “We work to make sure everyone can enjoy an inclusive shopping experience. Purple Tuesday is a great initiative to emphasise exactly this and focus on the benefits that accessibility brings to the whole community”.

Geraldine points out that their parking facilities are endowed with more spaces for disabled people than the legally required. Also, the fact that all the shops are on ground level and the existence of a service such as Shopmobility in the town centre makes it easier for people with mobility issues to access the premises.

TCA and Shopmobility

Town Centre Activities, operator of Shopmobility in both Motherwell and Coatbridge, is jointly endorsing this nationwide initiative in Motherwell. Its involvement in Purple Tuesday is only appropriate, as its purpose is to provide people with mobility issues with a means to move and shop in the town centres, connecting them with the local businesses.

“We are looking ahead to future Purple Tuesdays”, says Jean Russell, Shopmobility supervisor. “I feel that this will be a very welcome endeavour for anyone with a disability to enjoy.  Shopmobility users will be delighted for an initiative like this that puts the focus on accessible shopping, even more at this time of the year when they find it more difficult to get around with shops being extremely busy. Shopmobility is proud to support Purple Tuesday.”

Shopmobility scheme in Motherwell has 1190 registered members. These shoppers have used Shopmobility 2166 times since January, spending an average of £15 per visit. That’s over £32,000 spent in the town centre by Shopmobility members so far this year.

Alzheimer Scotland, through their Lanarkshire Dementia Resource Centre, is also supporting Purple Tuesday in Motherwell in representation of those with this disease, which is also a kind of non-visible disability. In this line, Motherwell Shopping Centre is also considering the introduction of quiet hours in the next weeks, to enable an autism-friendly shopping alternative for those who may need it.